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Northland News

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Launched in June 2015, The Northland News is a fully digital news source covering Clay County, Missouri.

In talking with people that live and work in the Northland, we find few people are really passionate about the current news media in our area. There’s often a coverage gap in the Northland itself. The area papers continue to exist, but it seems that less people are reading them all the time.

The Northland News intends to be different. 

We believe there’s more good than bad that goes on in our community on a daily basis. We believe it is a news source’s responsibility to let people know that the sky isn’t falling. We believe that a news site ought to respect it’s readers instead of running pop-ups and click bait on its site. We believe that a news source should help educate citizens on what their elected officials say and do. We believe that small business is the backbone of the economy, and they need an affordable advertising platform that helps them reach all ages of readers.


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State/Province MO